Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MLB Denies Mets Request To Digitally Insert Hayden Christensen Into Dugout On Star Wars Night

The Mets just can't catch a break these days.  Just one day after losing their appeal to wear first responder hats on Sunday, the Mets find themselves once again on the losing end of the appeals process.  The issue this time?  Using technology to digitally insert Hayden Christensen into their dugout on Star Wars night.

A Major League Baseball Executive gave this statement.

"While we would like to allow the Mets to digitally place Mr. Christensen wherever they want, it sets a difficult precedent for future edits. What happens when they want to add banthas in the outfield? Maybe the Rancor in the bullpen? Before you know it, we've got blinking Ewoks.  Does anyone really want blinking Ewoks?  The MLB certainly doesn't."
Should the Mets choose to ignore the ruling and put Christensen in the dugout, the Mets face hefty fines, but more importantly they run the risk of facing the wrath of nerds on message boards who will no doubt accuse the team of forever tarnishing their saga...er I mean brand.

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