Monday, September 19, 2011

Larry Smith Sneaks A Peek At Sandy Alderson's To-Do List

A few weeks ago your intrepid correspondent got himself his first ever smartphone.  The one I replaced was so old that it had a crank on the side and connected to a party line (too bad you have to be my age in order to appreciate that joke).

Anyway these new fangled phones even have cameras in them.  Did anyone else know that?

I must have messed up because when I wandered into the Mets' offices to do a brief interview with GM Sandy Anderson I found that no one was in and the doors were open.  So naturally I just wandered in.

On Alderson's desk in scratchy but legible handwriting was his offseason "to-do" list.  I whipped out that phone and switched to camera mode and immediately took three blurry photos of my feet.  Eventually I figured it out and snapped one of the list.  Here's what it said:

-- Offer Jose 2-way contract
     (A) if he can and will run
     (B) if he can't or won't run

-- Hire bunting coach !!!

-- Keep that Shannon girl away from Spring Training

-- Demand that Fred and Jeff (Wilpon) bring in the fences, if for no other reason than to shut people up.

-- Get Angel some help for those on-field "blackouts"

-- Rebuild bullpen:  Ditch Igarashi, Carrasco, and pretty much everybody else.  Fix Parnell.   (Actually it said "Shoot Parnell" which was crossed out and changed to "Fix....")

-- Find out if this Johan guy I've heard about actually exists.

-- Retool starting staff:   Pelfrey???????

-- Call Cubs and see if they are interested in me or package deal with me, JP (Ricciardi), and Paul (DePodesta).

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Story by Larry Smith.  You can follow Larry Smith on twitter @dr4sight   

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