Friday, September 2, 2011

Lil' Murph's Diary: A Depressed Lil' Murph Writes To His Diary

Dear Diary,

Hi.  Remember me?  It's been weeks since I wrote and, to tell you the truth, it's because I'm a bit depressed.  My season is over and my stupid knee still hurts.  On the plus side I am getting darn good at hopping on one leg but don't think that that kind of running is going to get it done in spring training next February.

While I'm still super pissed about getting injured, what really has me bummed out is how all my positions are getting taken over by other guys.

If we assume that I can't play outfield worth beans (and I think that's everyone's general assumption) then it comes down to first, second, or third.  I'm stuck!

At first you got Ike who will probably be back next season - at least everybody hopes so.  I like Ike too but when he gets back they won't be looking at yours truly for much firstbase time.  But even if Ikie is still hurt into next season there's Duda and now even Nick Evans doing real good there.  Firstbase could be my best position and I might be 4th string over there.  That sucks!

Then there is second.  Let's face it Dear Diary, between you, me, and the lamp post, I can play second but I'm no secondbaseman.  It used to be the case that we'd say Justin (Turner) could play the position better than me but couldn't hit.  Now it looks like he can hit a bit.  

And there's that little snot Tejada.  I shouldn't oughta say that.  He's a good kid and he can play the hell out of either second or short.  But no one ever expected him to hit a lick and now he's getting his hits and taking walks and bunting and stuff.  Even if I'm the manager I have to be looking at Daniel Murphy as the third and last option over at second.

And finally there is third.  No one in the universe thinks I can beat out David (Wright) for that position. And if they bring the fences in next year like they're thinking about then I bet he can go back to hitting 30 HRs.  I wasn't hitting HRs even in Little League.   If David's the Golden Boy then what am I, gun metal?

So I'm pretty well skunked.

I'll keep working with the trainers and rehabbing the heck out of this knee.  But I really was hoping to play a lot next year and right now have no idea where that might be.

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