Monday, September 12, 2011

Major League Baseball & New Era Well Prepared For Future Disasters

I really thought we were done with the hat issue.  For better or worse, Major League Baseball made a choice based on their rules and we had to accept it.  But then we got this from ESPN's Buster Olney via Twitter:

The view of the team execs is that by allowing exceptions on what hats to wear, it sets a difficult precedent for future tragedies/disasters. Said one team exec: "What happens if there's an earthquake, and many killed? And then a Katrina-like hurricane in an MLB city?"
This got me thinking, what does happen in the unfortunate event of another "Katrina-like" as the unnamed exec stated?  I called New Era and was hung up on several times.  Finally, one fed up employee agreed to speak with me.  It seems New Era has been working with Hollywood script writers for years to help them prepare for various scenarios.  You name it and New Era already has a commemorative hat for it.  The employee even agreed to share some of the designs with us as long as we didn't print his name.

This one commemorates our victory over a zombie uprising:

This one celebrates Taco Bell winning the franchise wars:

Here's one that honors the day we finally destroy Justin Bieber

This one is just in case we ever have to send Ben Affleck into space to destroy an asteroid:

Bird Attack:

Shark Attack:

There is even one that honors our eventual enslavement by Cthulhu.  Because, as you know, nothing beats Cthulhu. 

But have no fear, as we understand it, Cthulhu receives a portion of the proceeds. 

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