Friday, July 27, 2012

R.I.P. Joe Pizzurro

Joe Pizzurro with daughter Kady Shea
Many of you most likely had never met web designer Joe Pizzurro, but odds are you were familiar with his work. Joe designed or helped design many of your favorite Mets related web sites such as Metsblog, On The Black, The 7 Line and even the website for Strawberry's Grill. He would sometimes provide his services for little more than some Mets tickets.

When I was looking to upgrade the look of The Apple in 2011, Joe was one of the first people to contact me with suggestions and ideas. His input directly influenced the look of this site and countless others. Joe was a talented web designer and a great Mets fan, which makes his recent passing at the young age of 28 such a heartbreaking tragedy for so many in the Mets online community.

Compounding this tragedy is the fact that Joe and his wife Kelly had just welcomed a baby girl into the world only 6 weeks earlier. A donation website has been set up to benefit baby Kady Shea Pizzurro.

From that site:
Joe became a father just 6 weeks prior with many of the same family and friends celebrating with him by his wife, Kelly's, bedside. With Joe's passing, we are uniting to help raise money to ensure that his beautiful baby girl, Kady Shea, will still have the life that Joe and Kelly were working so hard to provide. Thanks in advance for your kind contribution!
If you can, please consider making even a small donation by CLICKING HERE. 

Thank you, Joe. Rest In Peace.

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