Thursday, July 26, 2012

Demoted Mets RF Lucas Duda Has On-Field Meltdown In Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY - Fans settling in for the start of tonight's Bisons/Bats game at Louisville Slugger Stadium were stunned when a strange man wandered out onto the field before the first pitch with a microphone in his hand and announced "Behold, the instrument of your liberation!". Fortunately, no one panicked as fans quickly realized it was just Lucas Duda having a meltdown. 

The recently demoted Mets right fielder, in full Bane costume, had apparently decided that this was the time to announce to the entirety of Minor League Baseball his plan to one day return to the Major Leagues and "leave Flushing in ashes."

Duda also took shots at former Mets teammates, at one point calling Kirk Nieuwenhuis "a false idol supplied to Mets fans to stop them from tearing down a corrupt organization."

The incident ended when Bisons manager Wally Backman came out onto the field to remove Duda.  A dejected Duda could be heard telling Backman, "I'm Flushing's reckoning, you know?", to which Backman replied, "I know, Lucas. I know. Now how about we go to the clubhouse and discuss your plans for world domination in private."

Let the games begin!

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