Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lil Murph's Diary: The Dark Murph Rises

Dear Diary,

I guess I should title this entry: "I'm good but we suck."

It was a horrible weekend for our Metsies as we managed to lose all three games to the Dodgers.  It's almost like every team has returned from the All Star break except us.

But for me personally I'm on a tear.  The ball looks grapefruit sized again (thank goodness) and I had a heckuva series vs LA except for one error I made.  I had four hits on Friday and another four on Sunday.  On Saturday I didn't start vs the lefty Capuano who I think was on our team last year but that was so long ago.

Anyway I did come up late in the game and mashed a triple vs some righty reliever guy.   So that's like 9 hits for the weekend.  Not bad, right?  I've got that batting average up to .306 where I was in the .270's about a week and a half ago.  Aint that something?

Bodies are starting to move around here as clearly Terry, Sandy, and the rest of the front office are pissed about how we may be falling out of the race for the playoffs.

The other day they got rid of Miguel Batista.  Miggy's a good dude but he's old and - not to be harsh - he just wasn't cutting it as a reliever or when they gave him a start.  Now for a guy to be SO bad that he can't stay in our bullpen means that the guy is really really bad.  If you know what I mean.

We've got Johan on the shelf now and so is Gee.  Now the hot prospect kid from the minors Matt Harvey is going to come up and give it a try.

We've got the first place Nationals coming in and then we have a tough road trip.  Can't say that I'm feeling super optimistic at this point but, of course, I'll toe the company line when the press asks me.  I'll just say that we're still in it and that we'll keep fighting and that this team never says "Die."  You know, all the regular BS.

Talk to you soon.   Hopefully both the team and I will be going better then.

Your pal,

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Story by Larry Smith.  You can follow Larry Smith on twitter @dr4sight

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