Friday, July 13, 2012

Lil' Murph's Diary: Murph Goes To The All-Star Game

Dear Diary,

Bet you can't guess where I'm writing you from?  Believe it or not I'm on a bus that will take me from Kansas City (the one in Missouri not the one in some other state) to Atlanta.

You might wonder what I was doing in KC (as the locals call it).  Well I kinda thought I had made the All Star team and flew out here for the big event.  Maybe I should have known something was up when our travel guy didn't supply me with a ticket but rather I had to buy it for myself.  Even using Priceline it cost me a pretty penny.  You hearing that, Mr. Shatner????
Now here's how I thought I made the team.  The guy that ended up starting for "our" team, the NL'ers, was that Dan Uggla guy.  I looked it up and that dude is hitting .221 while I am at .295 (and currently hot as a pistol).  And it couldn't be the fielding part either because if there is one guy in all the bigs that I can field as good as it's Dan Uggs.  So since I was doing so much better than him I just assumed I was the All Star and went out there.

As you might have guessed they not only didn't let me into the clubhouse on Tuesday but I had hardly enough money left to buy a ticket -  hey, they're pricey too .   So my entire trip out there was a waste and now I wanted to save some cash by taking this bus to Atlanta where us Mets start the next part of the season.  At least they don't make you pay extra bucks just to stow your stuff beneath the bus.

So now we have to go out there and keep winning enough games to maybe make the playoffs.  They tell me that we have already lost Dillon Gee to a blood clot injury.  That sucks for him and for us.  You know that I can relate to guys getting injured even though - so far (fingers crossed) - I've been able to stay healthy.

When I get to Atlanta I have to remember to get a baseball signed by R.A. and David Wright so I can have a souvenir of my trip out to Kansas City for the All Star Game.

I'll stay in touch,

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Story by Larry Smith.  You can follow Larry Smith on twitter @dr4sight

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