Friday, July 13, 2012

Kevin Burkhardt Returns To Mets Broadcast After Taking Time Off To Film Zoolander 2

As many of you have noticed, everyone's favorite Mets roving reporter has been missing in action for the past week, replaced by some guy named Eamon Shumpert or something like that.  Well have no fear Mets fans, Kevin Burkhardt has indeed confirmed that he will be back with the SNY team tonight in Atlanta.  But where was he and what was he doing this past week?  The Apple has the exclusive answers.

"Baseball has been great to me but I've wanted to get into film for years.", Burkhardt told the Apple. "This was my opportunity to finally do that."

The opportunity Burkhardt is referring to is the upcoming film Zoolander 2. While many of the details about the project have yet to be released, Burkhardt tells us that he will play Brint Gunnar, a hotshot young model who has replaced the now retired Derek Zoolander by essentially copying his every move.    But when Zoolander comes out of retirement, the two will be thrown into a competition that will bring to light some shocking revelations about both models.

For now, Burkhardt has no other movie projects on his plate but he is not ruling it out. "I hear they will probably be looking for a new Batman soon.", said Burkhardt. "I'm already working on my gravelly barely intelligible Batman voice."

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