Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mets Announce David Wright Signing, Unveil New Shirt & Tie Alternate Jerseys

David Wright took to the podium on Wednesday to formally announce his contract extension with the Mets, but there was another purpose for the press conference.  Standing at the podium in Nashville, David Wright unveiled the Mets new alternate uniform which consists of a blue jersey, blue hat with orange bill, and a dress shirt and tie.

By adding a long sleeve dress shirt and tie underneath their jerseys, the Mets will become the first team to incorporate formal wear into their uniform since the 1957 Washington Senators wore full business suits in an effort to look more like actual senators.  

Mets COO Jeff Wilpon explained the move to reporters. "A baseball team is a business and it's about time the players on the field reflected that.", said Wilpon. "I think the shirt and tie add a level of professionalism and class to the organization.  For years we have played the song Taking Care of Business over the P.A. after wins. How can you take care of business if you're not dressed for it."

But what about the fans?

"All the fans I talk to, the one's who sit in my luxury box anyway, support the new look.  I don't know about you, but if I'm paying $63 to sit in the last row on opening day, I expect the players to take the game seriously.  The least they can do is put on a tie."

The Mets will debut their "shirt and tie" alternates on April 1 against the Padres, but fans can pick one up now at the Mets team store at Citi Field and on The matching blazers are expected to arrive next week.  

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