Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mets General Manager Shifts Focus To David Wright After Striking Out On Cyber Monday

Reports began surfacing Tuesday that the New York Mets have stepped up negotiations with their All-Star third baseman David Wright, offering a multi-year deal worth over 100 million dollars. But why the sudden urgency? We did a little digging and uncovered the real reason the Mets are suddenly so interested in re-signing their star player.

According to a source within the Mets organization, GM Sandy Alderson was on his computer all day Monday, at the behest of team ownership, feverishly trying to secure a deal on players for the team through the shopping website
"They really thought maybe you could get an online deal and put together a winning team on the cheap", says the source. "Mr. Alderson knows it doesn't work that way, but being the good soldier he is, he gave it a shot."

While the Mets were unable to secure any talent via the web, our source says the day may not have been a total loss.

"They did learn a few things about delayed payment plans that they are eager to try out."

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