Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mets Hope New Peanuts Special Will Help Fans Cope With Dickey Trade

In an attempt to help Mets fans cope with the impending trade of fan-favorite R.A. Dickey, the New York Mets are debuting a brand new Peanuts special Tuesday night on their SNY television network. 

The half hour special titled "Your Favorite Player Is Leaving The Mets Again, Charlie Brown" will feature the Peanuts gang trying to cheer up everyone's favorite parent-less bald kid as he deals with the departure of another one of his favorite ballplayers.  

Here is the official description from SNY:

Charlie Brown is pushed to his limits when he learns his favorite player is once again leaving the Mets. As the reality of the trade slowly sinks in, the Peanuts gang tries to help Charlie learn to cope with life as the fan of a broke team. When Lucy's psychiatric techniques fail to help, Sandy Alderson tries to explain the upside of the trade to Charlie. Unfortunately, all Charlie can hear is a whomp whomp trombone sound. Snoopy constantly agitates matters, because well... Snoopy's kind of a jerk. In the end, insightful Linus points out that Charlie Brown can't afford Mets tickets anyway and everyone dances spastically.
The special will debut on Tuesday, December 18th at 8PM. It will also be re-aired several times because, let's be honest here, what else do they have to show on that channel? 

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