Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Once More Unto The Breach: One Last Mets Tailgate Tomorrow At 10AM

The stage is set. Dickey standing on 19 wins, looking to become the first Mets pitcher to win 20 games since...I don't know let's just say Gooden. I don't feel like looking it up.  In any event, it's time to tailgate. But not just any tailgate...the last Mets tailgate EVER!

As you all know, the world is scheduled to come to an end sometime around December of this year. That makes this the final season of Mets baseball so why not go out on a full stomach. Join us for food, drinks and fun as we party at Citi Field for one last time before Cthulhu arrives.
As always, there will be hot dogs on the grill and cold "beverages". All are welcomed to join. (First come first served while supplies last. Food donations welcomed. BYOB encouraged.) 

Here's a map. The Apple logo shows the location of the tailgate. 

It should be near the left field gate where lot B and C meet near the tollbooths where people pay to park. .In the event something changes, I'll post/tweet the exact location tomorrow morning since the Mets like to constantly change-up their parking rules.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

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