Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mets Players Ask MLB To Move All Remaining Sunday Games To Night Starts To Accommodate Their Football Watching

The Apple has learned that all of the New York Mets' players and most of the team's coaches have signed and sent to Commissioner Bud Selig a most unusual request.  In their petition, they request that the league move all the team's remaining scheduled Sunday afternoon games into the evening.

It is a long rambling request so in the interest of saving space - or in this case, bandwidth - we will just quote excerpts:

"Since, as usual, our September games are totally meaningless when it comes to playoff implications we make the request for this change in schedule.  We don't think this will be very disruptive for the following reasons:

(1) Attendance at CitiField is abysmal, mostly just friends and family come to the games.
(2) Ratings on WPIX and SNY are so low that we are losing to the GAME SHOW NETWORK reruns of "Let's Make A Deal". 
(3) We players are tired and those of us who haven't been officially shut down (like Johan Santana has been and Matt Harvey soon will be) have all but shut down when it comes to competing on the field."

The letter to the league office goes on to say why the players specifically want these Sunday games to be played at night.

"We realize that we are paid to play our scheduled baseball games but ask you to remember that for the most part we are just regular American men.  And what do American men do on Sundays in September?  They watch  football.

The great majority of us are fans of the Giants and/or the Jets  - except for a few knuckleheads like Kelly Shoppach who likes the Cowboys and Jon Niese who actually pulls for the Detroit Lions - and we would really like to be able to watch our favorite team's games on a beautiful fall afternoon.
Heck, a bunch of guys on our team have 'I love Tebow' t-shirts on under their unis these days."

The letter closed by saying:

"Mr.Selig, we would hope that you will seriously consider this request.  And since our situation this September is so similar to those of the last few Septembers we would hope that you could also instruct the people making up next year's schedule to make the Mets Sunday games nite games.

If somehow Mr. Alderson ever gets us turned around so that we are in a playoff hunt in September then we would be more than happy to go back to playing day ball then.  But we're not holding our breath."

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Follow Larry Smith on Twitter @dr4sight.

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