Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Winners Of The Mets Photo Caption Contest Are...

The judging is over.  After going over the finalists, Darren from The 7 Line and I have decided on the contest winners.  In the end we just couldn't resist a good Ollie joke.  While we both felt a good caption should be short and sweet we made an exception for one clever entry.  The Winners are:

1st Place
A 7 Line Queens Hoodie
Steven said...
"5 members of the New York Mets attend the funeral for Oliver Perez's baseball career."

2nd & 3rd Place
A 7 Line T-Shirt of Their Choice
Sloatsburg Guy said...
"Excuse me your honor, we are here to testify on behalf of Francisco Rodriguez."


Srabanti Munshi said...
What should we do?
Should we admit that our team is hopeless?
Should we try to act like we actually care?
Should we stop working late night bachelorette parties?
What should we do?
Should we stop playing cards and start working out?
Should we be who You Want Us to Be?
What should we do?
Should we just shut up and play?
Or should we just go back to stripping?
What should we do?


Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was tough to pick just three.  There will be more contests in the future so if you didn't win don't be too upset. 

I also want to thank Darren from the 7 Line for providing the prizes.  Darren is constantly pumping out new and cool Mets/Jets tees and if you haven't checked them out yet you need to do it now!  Use the discount code APPLE and get 10% off of their already low prices.

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