Friday, November 12, 2010

Howie Rose Actually Does Put It In The Books

To Mets fans they are the five greatest words in the English language: Put It In The Books!  Much in the same way that generations waited for the great Bob Murphy to give us a "Happy Recap", the current generation of Mets fans turn on their radios with hopes of hearing Howie Rose put one in the books.

But in what may come as a surprise to Mets fans, Howie is not just blowing smoke with his signature line.  Since Rose began doing play by play in 1995, he has diligently recorded every game in it's own "book".

On Thursday, Rose invited us to his home to show us his collection.  We were led to the basement which has been converted to a makeshift library for Howie's "books".  "Catchphrases come and go, but 'Put it in the books' is more than just a catchphrase.", said Rose.  "After every Mets win I would come down here and write the story of that night's game in one of these notebooks.  When the Mets have a tough game or a tough season, I come down here, flip through one of these and it makes me feel better."

While the bulk of the books are dedicated to the Metropolitans, Rose admits that the ritual has expanded over the years.  "It started with the Mets but now I document every significant victory in my life.  There's books for the Islanders and books for my child's scholastic achievements.  Heck, this book here is from when I won the $50 gift card raffle at the Trader Joe's in Rego Park."

When we asked Rose what he intends to do with the books after he retires, he was unsure.  He had contacted the Hall Of Fame about donating them but they declined the offer.  "They said something about already having their own record books that weren't filled with Honeymooners references.  Maybe I'll put them on eBay."

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story.

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