Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CAPTION CONTEST UPDATE: 10 Finalists Revealed

OK, I've gone through the awesome captions you guys provided and I've narrowed it down to these 10 finalists.  From this list I will choose the 3 winners.  If your caption is one of the ten finalists please email me at readtheapple@gmail.com so I can can have your email contact info to notify you if you are one of the three winners.  I NEED TO HAVE YOUR EMAIL to notify you or you will not be able to win.  The top 3 will be announced at the the end of the week.  If you didn't make the list this time don't worry, there will be more contests in the near future.   

The finalists in no particular order are:

parrot said...
Sadly, that's the best the mets have looked all year......

Andrew said...
The Mets show off the new suits they won from the recent Men's Wearhouse "Inexplicably Blow 10 Winnable Games in a Month and Win a Free Suit" promotion.
Steven said...
"5 members of the New York Mets attend the funeral for Oliver Perez's baseball career."

altosax29b said...
"Met's Wearhouse, You're going to hate the way we play, I guarantee it"

Lauren said...
"Guys, when we said we were thinking of wooing Bobby V., this is not what we had in mind."

ryan said...
Last Night the New York Mets supposedly took to the field in suits. Since nobody was watching,we can neither confirm or deny this!

Srabanti Munshi said...
What should we do?
Should we admit that our team is hopeless?
Should we try to act like we actually care?
Should we stop working late night bachelorette parties?
What should we do?
Should we stop playing cards and start working out?
Should we be who You Want Us to Be?
What should we do?
Should we just shut up and play?
Or should we just go back to stripping?
What should we do?


Sloatsburg Guy said...
"Excuse me your honor, we are here to testify on behalf of Francisco Rodriguez."

ARR said...
Professor Reyes has begun instituting a strict dress code.

Jval3 said...
Niese: Does this suit make my nose look big?

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