Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SNY To Air Comedy Sitcom Starring Gary, Keith & Ron in December

It is an arduous task for a local cable sports network to fill its airwaves with programming 24/7.  For this reason SNY has partnered with the NY Jets and UConn - and a soon to be announced association with New Rochelle High School to show its entire home and away lacrosse schedule. But even with that there is a programming void. People seem to be able to put up with Joe Beningo on DAILY NEWS LIVE only so much.

Steve Raab, President of SNY, explains the need for alternative programming.  “The YES network can air hundreds of Yankee classic games plus many Yankeeographies.”, said Raab. “But, seriously, how many Mets classic games are there to choose from, 10? 15? And if you narrow it down to showing mostly the ones the Mets have won then you're back in the single digits.”

Earlier this year the Mets experimented with primetime drama when they aired CSI: Citi Field.  The show, which starred SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt, debuted to critical praise but struggled to find an audience and was eventually cancelled.  Despite their failure in the drama category, SNY is gambling that viewers may be open to comedy. 

Beginning Monday December 6th and continuing through the end of March, SNY will air its first original scripted comedy series, the working title of which is "THE BIG INNING THEORY".
T.B.I.T. will star Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling. The plot premise is that the three announcers for the mythical major league team known as the New York Skyscrapers have all been thrown out of their domiciles by their wives. None of the wives could apparently continue to put up with husbands who talked baseball non-stop.

During the offseason the three characters, Gary Conan, Keith Stache, and Ron Dorable, decide to share an apartment in Manhattan. Gary plays a baseball-junkie turned announcer who can recite every trivial detail about the “'Scrapers” down to what denture adhesive was used by its original manager, Casey Stiggler. Gary's signature laugh line will be that as he leaves the apartment he'll always excitedly say, "I'm on the move, I'm at the door, I'M OUTTA HERE, OUTTA HERE." The laugh track will be turned up to max volume for this so the viewing audience will know to laugh.

Keith Stache is an ex-ballplayer and he'll be known as the guy who blurts out whatever comes into his mind. The roommates will love him but be exasperated by his candor and unique outlook on the world.
The writers are working frantically to figure out some way that Ron Dorable will be unique and funny.

No sitcom can exist without an attractive female lead. The guys will vie for the attention of sexy neighbor Jenny, played by Beer Money’s Amber Wilson.  Throw in their hotshot young neighbor Devon Workhard, played by Kevin Burkhardt, and you have a recipe for comedic gold.

The producers were hoping to add a recurring character, a crusty former Marine who would be the landlord for the guys, Stanley Alderman. They shelved this idea when it was learned that their first choice for the role, Norman Fell, was 86 years old, long retired, and actually dead.

It has not been decided yet whether the elevator in the building works.

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Today's story by Larry Smith & Randy Medina.  You can follow Larry Smith on twitter @dr4sight


  1. I heard Ralph Kiner will be appearing during February Sweeps.

  2. I heard there was another sitcom on the table. How I Met Your Manager.


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