Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jordany Valdespin: Jealous Mets Teammates Tricked Me Into Going To Biogenesis

Yesterday Major League Baseball suspended Mets minor leaguer Jordany Valdespin for involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. The 50 game suspension will be tacked on to any other suspensions he is currently serving for whatever asinine things he's done in the last week.

The Mets organization issued the following statement:
“We have and continue to support Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Testing program.”
In a statement he released last night, Valdespin maintained his innocence and blamed forces inside the Mets organization that he believes wanted him gone:

"When we went to Miami in April, some of the guys told me about this great Latin restaurant and said we were all going to meet there. I went to the address they gave me and it was that Sega Genesis place. Nobody else showed up. The food was not even that good. It was all pills. Now they are telling me I am suspended. I think they tricked me because they were jealous that no body can't stop me."
 Valdespin has chosen not to appeal and will serve his 50 game suspension. He hopes to be back with the big club on Opening Day 2014, provided he hasn't been suspended for illegal fireworks, cock fighting, shoplifting or insurance fraud by then.

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