Monday, August 26, 2013

Mets Turn To Tennis To Distract Fans From Harvey Woes

In hopes of distracting Mets fans from their latest injured star, the Mets announced today that John Isner, the highest ranking US participant in the US Open will be serving a first pitch from the outfield during one of their remaining games against the Phillies.

Isner, who has one of the fastest serves in all of tennis and has been red hot, beating all but two seeds above him this season. If he gets to the quarterfinals as is expected, he'll have to face #2 seed Rafael Nadal, who he has never beaten.

Unfortunately for Mets fans who love tennis, the team will not be in town during the second week of the Open when that match would take place. However, if you're interested in a Mets-US Open doubleheader to drown your Harvey sorrows, you've got three more days with both US Open tennis and a Mets home game.

To help you plan the week, the guys over at TiqIQ put together a link with tickets to all Mets games and US open tickets.  according to TiqIQ, Wednesday is the cheapest day with a combined get-in price of $41 for a day session at the Open and a Mets nightcap.

While the Mets haven't disclosed which day Isner will be serving his first pitch, they recommend just showing up to each of the three remaining games. They've also announced that they will be adding a 600-level addition to Citi Field just for the tournament with unimpeded sight lines into Arthur Ashe stadium.

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