Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dillon Gee's Beard Reportedly Causing Playstation 3 Systems To Crash

While Mets fans have had some fun with pitcher Dillon Gee's new beard, video game fans are none too pleased. According to reports, the addition of the pitcher's beard to the popular video game MLB 12 The Show for the Sony Playstation 3 is apparently having damaging effects on game systems around the country.

The problem apparently started when the game's developers released an update on Monday which added Gee's new facial hair along with updated MLB rosters. When gamers fired up their games and used or faced Dillon Gee, an error message flashes explaining that a "beard error has occurred". Their system then freezes and crashes.  In many cases, gamers have been unable to restart their systems after the error.

Developers of the game are baffled.

"It's not an issue of the beard.", says Ramone Russell of SCEA San Diego. "We have lots of beards in the game. The problem appears to be putting that ridiculous beard on that particular player. The Playstation's CPU is rejecting the beard as illogical and destroying itself to avoid having to render it."

Sony hopes to have the problem resolved by Friday and are urging players to not use Dillon Gee in the game until then.  Whether or not Sony plans to compensate players whose Playstations were damaged by Gee's facial forest is unclear.

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