Friday, April 20, 2012

Mets Jumping Aboard The Tupac Hologram Bandwagon

Earlier this week, the Tupac Hologram made headlines when technology was used to resurrect the deceased rapper at the Coachella Music Festival. Someone in the Mets organization was watching.  Late Thursday, the team announced that they have entered into talks with Domain Media Group, the company behind the Tupac hologram, about bringing back some former Mets greats.

"We are already having many Mets legends return as part of our 50th anniversary.", said Mets VP Dave Howard. "But this gives us a chance to bring back some of these guys in their glory. Fans can see the real Tom Terrific take the mound at Citi Field and not just the bloated version we trot out there now for special occasions."

While the holograms were designed for "display purposes only", the Mets see the potential for more.

"We're looking into whether or not we can actually get them to play in games.", said Howard. "If we can figure that part out we may have finally solved Sandy's payroll issues."

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