Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mr. Met Hires Super Agent Scott Boras

You can't keep Scott Boras down for long.  Just hours after news broke that Boras had been dropped by Alex Rodriguez, the super-agent was hard at work locking up another New York star.  Mr. Met held a press conference today to announce that he had signed a deal to be represented by Boras and would be leaving his former agent the San Diego Chicken. 

According to sources close to the Mets mascot, Mr. Met had become disappointed in the lack of exposure his current representation was generating.  Others within the Mets organization feel that there may be other motives.

"He's been hinting that his contract is due for renewal a lot.", says Piti Rivera, who works with Mr. Met on the Pepsi Party Patrol.  "I think he thinks that Boras is going to get him a huge contract like he got for Oliver Perez." 

If those are indeed his motives, sources inside the front office say that he may be chasing rainbows.  "What Mr. Met needs to understand is that while players can change teams and uniforms, he can't.  His is actually attached to him.", says Mets VP Dave Howard.  "That hat doesn't come off.  It's part of his head.  We'll negotiate a fair deal with him but make no mistake, it will be on our terms."

Even if his contract situation doesn't work out, it would seem he is reaping some off-field benefits of Boras representation.  Access Hollywood is reporting that Mr. Met has begun filming a movie with Will Ferrell while TMZ has posted images of Mr. Met and Kate Hudson leaving a NY nightclub and getting into a waiting limo together.  Both Mr. Met and Ms. Hudson have declined to comment.

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story.

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