Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mets Blame Recent Poor Play On Youth Movent's Gaming Obsession

L-R Niese, Tejada, Davis & Pagan enjoy a round of Buzz trivia.
Odds are that as a Mets fan, you have already switched off the 2010 season and turned your attention to other pursuits.  Well don't feel bad about it because apparently, so have many of the Mets. 

A Mets employee who travels with the team tells the Apple that this new, younger group of players has turned their back on the traditional boozing and skirt-chasing of the previous generation's athletes in favor of video gaming.  The source tells us that when on the road, the younger players lock themselves away in their hotel rooms and take part in marathon sessions of games like Madden 11, MLB The Show, Rock Band and the trivia game Buzz.  While this may seem like a harmless pastime, people around the team are becoming concerned that the players are neglecting sleep, nutrition and basic hygiene.  

"I saw some of these guys in the elevator one morning in Chicago and it was clear they had been on the computer all night.", says Keith Hernandez who refers to playing video games as being "on the computer".  "These guys are not showing up to the park prepared because they are up all night playing Pac-Man.  It's a disgrace.  Whatever happened to just getting loaded, chasing women and passing out on the floor of your hotel room bathroom.  That's what we did in 86 and we won 108 games that season."

Angel Pagan, one of the biggest offenders, sees nothing wrong with it.  "We aren't doing anything illegal and it brings guys together.  I see no problem with it.", says Pagan. "Also, I'm 28 so I have to do whatever I can to present myself as part of the 'youth movement' around here.  I only have maybe one more year to still be considered young."

Some coaches may have seen the light as well.  Jerry Manuel was watching some of the guys play on Friday night and after seeing Luis Castillo go 3-4 with 2 doubles in Sony's MLB The Show, Manuel decided he should start Luis on Saturday.  Castillo went 0-2 and grounded into a double play.

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story.

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