Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mets Leave 'Em Laughing: 2013 MLB All-Star Game TV Comedy Recap

The 2013 All-Star Game may be over, but it did leave us with some memorable TV comedy moments from some familiar Mets faces.

First up is the one Mets fans have been talking about for days, Matt Harvey interviewing New Yorkers about Matt Harvey:

This is too good. Up to now I would have never suspected Harvey would be the kind of guy who would do this kind of silly stuff. He may have grown up a Yankees fan but methinks this guy is a real Met after all. Go ahead and rewind to 1:30 to watch Matt's reaction to the "kinda saw him naked" comment a few more times. It's OK, I'll wait for you.

Next up, if you like your comedy a little more "slapstick-y", here's Kevin James trying out for the All-Star Team:

I get that the "King of Queens" is a bit of an acquired taste but the guy still makes me laugh. It's also a short enough vid that the joke doesn't drag. Doc isn't going to win any Oscars but he does get to deliver the awesome line "You sweat too much and make the fans very uncomfortable."

Finally, here's the Saturday Night Live intro that drew the ire of at least one Business Insider writer. Personally, I thought it was fun:

Business Insider seemed to think it was wrong of FOX to parody an NBC show but I think SNL is such a television and New York institution that it transcends network politics. Everyone spoofs SNL at one point or another. Also, like any good SNL skit, it was over quickly. Which is good because it kept Buck from doing too much damage.

There was also a great intro narrated by John Franco that played in the ballpark. I haven't found it yet but if the Mets own this video, they need to get it up on

UPDATE: Here's the Franco Intro. Not comedy, but a really cool slice of NYC. Thanks to Pete McNally for finding it for me.

No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Follow me on Twitter @readtheapple.

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