Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mets Anger Native American Group: Even I Thought I Made This One Up

Mets fans will have to make do with Chief Running Mouth
In what will easily be one of the hardest to top weird stories in this 2013 Mets season, the A.I.C.H. (American Indian Community House) has pulled out of Native American Heritage Day after a disagreement between the Native American organization and the team.

Apparently, when the Mets scheduled Native American Heritage Day for July 25th, they did not realized that the Atlanta Braves would be the opponent. Out of fear that the Braves may see the whole thing as some kind of protest against their brand, the Mets asked the A.I.C.H. if they could, "act less Indian-y."

Angered that the Mets were giving their activities the tomahawk chop to spare the feelings of the Braves, the A.I.C.H. decided simply to pull out of the event.

Native American Heritage Day is still scheduled for July 25th at Citi Field. I'm sure whatever the Mets come up with will be tasteful and completely without controversy.

For more on this story, check out these posts at For The Win and the New York Times.

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