Monday, January 28, 2013

Mets Fans Resort To Dog Costumes As An Alternative To Overpriced Tickets

Mets fans, want a good deal on Mets tickets? It's easier than you think, just be a dog. The Mets recently announced that the April 20th game against the Nationals will be a "Bark In The Park" date. Dogs can enter Citi Field for the bargain basement price of just $10. Humans will cost slightly more at $35. The price gap between man and his best friend has led some more intrepid fans to try a new way to see their favorite team.

Dressed as dogs, fans have begun showing up at the Citi Field ticket windows demanding $10 tickets for themselves.  Mets ticket agents were initially hesitant to hand over ticket to what were obviously humans in dog costumes but eventually they gave in.

"It was obviously a ploy.", said one ticket agent. "But the fact is, with this team at these prices we haven't sold a ticket to a human, canine or anything else in weeks.  In the end, ten bucks is better than nothing and everybody goes home happy."

But is everyone really happy?

We spoke to one Flushing resident who was not so thrilled with the Mets decision to sell tickets to these people.

A dog who asked that he only be indentified as "Sparky", takes issue with the Mets decision. Sparky represents the numerous wild dogs that terrorize Mets fans on a daily basis during the summer.

"They are setting a dangerous precedent", Sparky told The Apple. (Editor's Note: This is our best guess as to what he was saying. We could be wrong and there's a boy trapped in a well somewhere.) "What happens when we want tickets and can't get them because these people have taken them all? I suppose they'll want the free bandanas too."

In the end though, Sparky doesn't think believe it will be much of an issue among his fellow canines as $10 is almost $70 in dog dollars and what dog is going to spend that much to see the Mets?

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. If you want to see a bunch of scared and confused dogs at a baseball game, purchase tickets to Bark In The Park here. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Follow me on Twitter @readtheapple.  

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