Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mets Unveil New Dimensions At Mr. Met's Kiddie Field, Angry Parents Thrilled

2012 is bringing a lot of changes to the home of the Mets. Early Monday evening, the Mets unveiled the latest of change to the "littlest" ballpark in Flushing, Mr. Met's Kiddie Field.  Mr. Met was on hand to personally show off the shorter more home run friendly fences at his Wiffle ball stadium.  The walls are now lower and closer to home plate all the way around just like they are in the big ballpark. But according to the team, the changes are being made not only to reflect the changes to Citi Field but also to calm angry parents who blamed Kiddie Field for their children's lack of offensive production.

Parents like John White of Bronxville, NY.

"My son Davey used to be a Wiffle ball champ in the back yard.", says Mr. White. "We used to joke that he was on his way to the Wiffle Hall of Fame.  All that changed after a trip to Kiddie Field.  After failing to get a ball out of Kiddie, Davey was never the same.  He started swinging at bad pitches and striking out a lot. He was like a totally different kid."

The Mets are hopeful that these new dimensions will lead to more home runs because the last thing the team wants to hear is "Kiddie Field ruined Davey White."   

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