Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mets Take Page From New York Giants Playbook By "Accidentally" Proclaiming Themselves Champions

On Saturday night, the New York Giants accidentally posted this image proclaiming the Giants Super Bowl champions.  Unfortunately, the game was still 24 hours away.  While many were convinced the gaffe would certainly jinx the team, the Giants were apparently not affected as they went on to defeat the New England Patriots and win the Super Bowl. While the incident caused the New York Giants organization a little embarrassment it apparently also got some people in the offices of the New York Mets thinking.

It would seem that the mistake ended up being good luck for the Giants and the Mets, needing all the luck they can get, couldn't resist giving it a try themselves.  Early this morning, fans who logged onto Mets.com were greeted by a splash page declaring the Mets 2012 World Series Champions. The page also includes links to social media and championship merchandise.

The Mets quickly pulled the page and issued a canned "apology" for the "oversight by our web team". Whether or not the move will pay dividends will not be clear until October but the team is keeping their collective fingers crossed.

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  1. Odds aren't good on this one... Likely just cursed the team for another 50 years.


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