Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mets Hope To Cash In On Giants Success By Releasing Confusingly Similar Merchandise

If you been in a Modells anywhere near New York lately you've probably noticed an atmosphere similar to the floor of the NY Stock Exchange as Giants fans scoop up every piece of merchandise they can find.  Well the Mets have noticed too and have crafted a clever line of clothing hoping to cash in on the success of the Giants by essentially tricking Giants fans into buying Mets merchandise.

"It's all about maximizing your number of impressions.", says Mets VP of Marketing David Newman. "People are going to be flocking into these stores in record numbers. We would not be doing our job if we didn't get some fresh product into the stores to capitalize on some carryover shopping.  These shirts shout 'Hey! Look at us! We're still here!'"

Confused Giants fan comes dangerously close to buying a Mets shirt

But what about the similar appearance to the Giants merchandise?

"Have you seen these people in Modells?  I'm pretty sure they're not even reading the shirts they're buying.", explains Newman. "We are not above tricking people into buying a shirt or two.  Is it underhanded? Maybe, but things are tough for us. We need every dollar we can get."

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