Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mets Being Sued For Copyright Infringement Over Underdog T-Shirts

It was supposed to be a motivational tool by Mets COO Jeff Wilpon to help rally his ballplayers, but as so often happens in Metsville the organization has once again found itself in legal trouble.  On Monday, the team tweeted this image of a Mets shirt featuring the logo of cartoon hero Underdog. ESPN later reported that the shirts were ordered by Jeff Wilpon as a way of rallying the team.  Innocent enough right?

Apparently, Classic Media, LLC, owners of the rights to Underdog, caught wind of the ESPN article and were none too pleased. Classic Media issued a statement late last night stating it has filed a lawsuit in a New York federal court alleging copyright infringement. The suit (by our count the 53rd such ongoing legal action against Sterling Mets) seeks unspecified damages for "illegal use of the Underdog logo".  In addition a separate defamation suit was also filed for "linking a proud cartoon character to a sinking organization."

When asked about the suit, Jeff Wilpon simply shrugged his shoulders and did his best Rocky V impression.

"Sue me for what?"

Only Jeff Wilpon would reference Rocky V.

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