Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lil' Murph's Diary: I'm A Trade Rumor!

Dear Diary,

This is a special week in offseason baseball.  Mr. Alderson and some of his helpers have flown out to Texas to take part in the Winter Meetings.  While other stuff is done I suppose, the winter meetings seem to be all about signing players who are free agents and making trades.  There are a gazillion reporters and bloggers out there so trade rumors come flying out of that area like nobody's business.
By now you probably know that my friend Jose is no longer a Met because he signed a big dollar deal to be a Florida, no check that, MIAMI Marlin.  That's sad news for me, my teammates, and all the Mets fans that loved watching Jose play. But I honestly can't say that I'm surprised.  Our team owners - and I won't name names - seem to have some financial difficulties and didn't figure to be able to match a big offer.  So now Jose is gone.  They traded Carlos and Frankie during the season so I'm kind of getting used to this.

And then I started hearing MY name in some trade rumors.  I guess a couple of teams have talked to Mr. Alderson about trading for me.  I am trying to get my head around that idea and to decide if I am happy or sad about this.

On one hand the only team I've ever been with has been the New York Mets.  Every summer since I signed I've done one of two things for the Mets or one of their farm teams -  either I played baseball or was in injury rehab.   And now maybe some other team will have me.  Wow.

One team I have heard about with interest is the Detroit Tigers.  They're in the other league and I hear that over there there is a position where you don't even have to play the field.  That might be perfect for me because Diary, while I try real hard everywhere I am not the world's best fielder (to say the least!).  Also I probably could stay healthier if I wasn't out in the field where all the collisions and stuff take place.  But some rumors say that the Tigers would want me to be their thirdbaseman.  I think that's safer than second (it's scary over there) but maybe not as safe as first.

The good thing about the Tigers is that I would have a chance to watch Justin Verlander pitch.  He's like Johan except right-handed, better, and healthy.  That would be cool.  On the other hand, my neighbor Brandon just got back from a business trip to Detroit and told me that the city is a total mess.  I just watched this movie called Robocop and I have to say I agree with Brandon, it doesn't seem like the funnest place to live.  I guess I just have to wait and see what happens with that rumor.

Another team who seems to have interest is the San Diego Padres.  They play in one of the best weather places there is. I wouldn't have to worry about rainouts or days that are too darn hot or too freezing cold.  The people out there supposedly aren't so intense.  Maybe that would be good.  Probably the biggest thing I would have to get used to is starting all the night games at 10pm.   How do those other guys do it? I guess I could adapt.

That's it for now Diary.  If anything new crops up I'll be in touch.

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