Wednesday, December 7, 2011

League Of Vampires: "We Have Nothing To Do With The Mets"

Recently there has been a lot of talk among bloggers involving the Mets and vampires.  So much so that the League Of Vampires called a press conference to set the record straight.

League President and "daywalker" Blade spoke for the group:
"There have been a lot of troubling statements being made by certain members of the Mets front office linking us to team issues.  On behalf of the league I would like to set the record straight when I say that we have absolutely nothing to do with that team and their issues.  That mess is completely their doing and none of our business.  We would appreciate it if team officials would please refrain from mentioning us in the future."
All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story. Follow me on Twitter @readtheapple.

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