Monday, November 14, 2011

New York Giants Players Blame Lack Of Focus On Jose Reyes Rumors

Yesterday in San Francisco, the New York Giants were defeated by the 49ers 27-20 and while there is no shame in falling to the now 8-1 Niners, many Giants players feel that off-field distractions may have cost them the game.  One distraction in particular: the rumor that Jose Reyes had signed with Miami.

"We were right there with them for most of the game, and then right after taking the lead we started to hear the rumblings from the sideline." said Giants WR Victor Cruz. "We took our eye off the ball and next thing you new we were down 14."

According to Cruz, a member of the Giants training staff received a tweet about Reyes and the Marlins.  From there it began to spread through the Giants sideline. For many of the Mets fans amongst the team, the news was disheartening.  Many others simply wondered when Miami got a baseball team and how long has that been going on.  Either way the damage had been done.

After realizing the rumor was, at least for the moment, a bunch of BS, the Giants rallied and almost came all the way back but their final drive fell about 10 yards short and the left San Francisco in defeat.  At the very least, it will serve as a learning experience for some of the younger Giants.

"We can't let ourselves get caught up in that stuff again.", said Cruz. "It isn't always going to be easy but we have to block out those distractions and take care of business.  Besides, there's no way that guy is leaving New York...right?"    

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