Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mets See Drop In Ticket Plan Renewals As Lazy Fans Don't Want To Do Math

According to sources within the Mets ticket office, shortly after announcing their new ticket plans for 2012, the Mets were inundated with angry phone calls from plan holders cancelling their tickets.  The reason: this year's plan involves too much damn work.

The problem seems to stem from the Mets new "choose your own adventure policy".  To put it simply, instead of assigning you 15 games as they have done in the past, the Mets now allow you to pick any 15 games you want.  Simply add up the 15 games and deduct a 10% plan discount and there's your price.  Simple right?  Not so fast. Keep in mind that their are four different price categories which are assigned to various games seemingly at random. The combinations become endless and figuring out what you're paying can get a little complicated.

Here's an example that the accountants at Ernst & Young mocked up for us showing one potential plan if you were to buy two Promenade Reserved seats. One side note: they sent this over with a note saying "Even we're not sure if this is correct."

While the plans offer a lot more freedom over previous years, the overwhelming majority of fans just simply don't want to do math.  "This sounds like a lot of work.", said one fan. "Just tell me the price and I'll pay it.  I was up all night crunching numbers.  Also, what the heck is a "classic" game? What the heck is "classic" about a Monday night in August against the Rockies?"

The Mets have no plans to change the new policy but they did tell me they are working on providing no cost financial advisers to help fans purchase their tickets.

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