Thursday, August 25, 2011

OK Metsblog, Here Are Your Stupid Blue Walls, Now Release My Family

For the record, I am not a fan of blue walls at Citi Field.  Personally, I think when you throw around too much blue and orange it makes everything turn purple.  Unfortunately, when Matt Cerrone & Michael Baron want something they are going to get their way.  Apparently even if it means coming to your house and taking your family hostage.  So here you go Metsblog.  Here are your blue walls, now give me back my family. 

Note: You may notice in this version the seats in this section are now barstool seats modeled after Fenway's first row of monster seats.  The seating ends just before the hanger door so that it can still function.  This also leaves outfielders a nice amount of space in the Left Center Field gap where they can take an unobstructed shot at bringing back a homer.

Note: I don't see any reason why Modell's would object to the most hated part of the park becoming a much more popular spot with their name still on it.

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